Tuesday, December 4, 2007

World Series 08'

Well, the tigers have made another move. I just got home from work and turned on sportscenter. This day was a bit unusual; I had the second day of negotiations training at work which finished up around 3:00 cst. Then I left to take a plant layout to a printing company, they are going to make emergency exit layouts for me to post throughout the plant. Around 3:40, I hadn't got the layout dropped off yet, I received a call from work. A forklift driver ran over someone's foot. This someone happened to be his son. It wasn't on purpose or anything, just an accident, but it's never happened before. This is leading into the title of this post. Something else happened a few minutes ago which makes me really happy, and sad. Maybin and Miller were traded to the marlins for Willis and Cabrera.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Stop throwing the bo's!

So, I woke up at 5:40 this mourning and Tiffany tells me I hit her in the nose last night. She has claimed this about three or so times before and I can't really deny anything because I happened to be sleeping. Before we went to bed she told me she was going to be decorating at her mom's house tomorrow, today, and they were going out to lunch. She invited me along and just after 9:00 this mourning I got a call from her telling me they were going to Red Lobster. Her dad was also coming, but we were driving separately due to a phone conference he had to be in prior to me having to return to work. He left work a few minutes before me, so when I arrived at the Red Lobster Tiffany and her parents were sitting at the table. When walking up to the table I indeed saw the black eye on Tiffany and felt terribly uncomfortable. She proceeded to ask me how I felt while laughing at me. Her dad was at the nascar bar last night watching the Dallas-Green Bay game, and it just so happens that both teams have many fans in this town so the bar was packed. He asked her if she got the black eye in the bar fight last night, we were there as well but unfortunately left before this. Apparently a huge fight broke out when a Green Bay fan tore off a Dallas fan's jersey. It just so happened that the guy wearing the Dallas jersey was a Marine. As the story goes, he kicked the shit out of the guy while the rest of the bar went into fight mode. Every table was turned over while the tiny bar owner tried to get in between the people. The cops showed up and strangely enough none of the underage kids got arrested for being heavily intoxicated. This got me a little off of my story, but I thought it was worth it. So I was feeling uncomfortable at the table with Tiffany, black eye, and her parents. The three of them gave me shit for around ten minutes until her mom told me to look at her. She happened to be wiping off the makeup covering up her eye. This was a great time, I now immediately thought I should get her back, but after a while I thought hitting her in the face was good enough. It did really happen.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Heating Up!

Well, my parents and brother arrived last night around 10:30, about an hour into the first Die Hard. Tiff and Ben went to Wal-Mart last night and bought a bunch of movies and in those all 4 Die Hards, so we watched the first and 4th movies last night. I've of coarse seen the first one many times, but never the forth. This in now my new favorite Die Hard. During the viewing of Live Free or Die Hard I coined the new name for Bruce, Die Hard. I didn't think it was possible to take a helicopter down with a car, or a gunner out said helicopter by driving over a fire extinguisher prior to jumping out of the car and running it up a ramp to jump it into said helicopter. That's enough of that.

So back to my parents and Andre. Tiff and I showed them around the house before heating up some lasagna, Tiff makes some great spinach lasagna, and proceeded to watch the end of the first Die Hard. My brother and I play three games of table tennis, he apparently read the last post, I beat him handedly three times before we put in the forth installment of Die Hard. Another great part about this is the surround sound system Tiff has. Ben and I hooked it, the Wii and PS2 up downstairs. This made the movie even better. Mom and Dad couldn't get over the sounds coming from every direction. That cracked me up.

Well, getting to the heading of this post, and the best part in my opinion.

I have a heated toilet seat. I got it from Tiff for my birthday and just put it in last night. It is wonderful. The feeling I get is indescribable every time I take a seat. I also think this will help my movements, not that I needed any.

The picture really has nothing to do with thanksgiving, but I like it. It's from Mammoth cave national park, a river with a old farry connected to cables. It has a paddle wheel to power it across the river, and can only carry two cars.

Check out
for more of thanksgiving happenings. I just want to add, my dad forgot WKRP thanksgiving special from 1978 or something. I love it, however I love making fun of him for it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Table Tennis Anyone

Just purchased a ping pong table, it is awesome. I played Ben about 10 times last night after putting it together. Putting it together was another story. The directions were lacking to say the least and Ben and I had to decipher the two pictures it that came masked as the directions. However, it is together so all is not lost. Andre and my parents are coming down for Thanksgiving so I will have another person to play for a few days.

Other than that not much is happening in Owensboro, if you can believe that.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was supposed to work today

So I was supposed to go into work today, but I checked my email and Elizabeth called. I ended up talking to her and Dan for almost 2 hours so work went out the window, at least for the mourning. Tiff and I are meeting some people for breakfast in a little while. While I was talking to Elizabeth and Dan I was informed the Michigan ohio state game is on today so that might take precedence over work this afternoon. I have to finish spackling and sanding the bathroom as well before it can get painted so the day is full. I really like the picture of big butter jesus and it is close to the holidays so don't eat it all at once.

Just starting the blog, finally

Well I'm now getting settled in my new home, it is very nice. Tiffany and I are taking our time, but getting everything decorated. Work is going well, I like it so far, but it is really busy. I think I will attempt to get a bike rack installed, in an attempt to lose the 10lbs I've gained since moving down here. Lots of eating out ensued when I had to live in a hotel. That lasted for over 2 months and a regular eating habit is very welcomed. I won't get into the last three months of the KY, but I have experienced many funny things since joining the southern accents. You will have to check back for updates of the fun times to come. Hopefully this will keep you full since I update this so frequently.